Design & Build Package

Combining the function of an architect, engineer and construction manager into a single entity,
Burusu’s design/build services provide an integrated approach that is focused on the specific needs
of your project. Design/build has traditionally promised operational advantages to clients through a
simplified contract with a single entity and the ability to fast-track work based on the close,
contractual relationship between the designer and the builder.

Service Overview

At Burusu, our many years as a construction manager form a strong foundation for our design/build
services. We draw upon our experience with the industry’s leading design firms to create an
integrated design/build team customized to the needs and goals of your project. Burusu provides
team leadership and a single-point of responsibility. We assign a team comprised of experts in the
type of facility you’re building, and we place a senior-level Burusu executive in an active role to
manage the overall effort.

Why Choose Us

Burusu Construction Design and as Contractor, we are selectively accept new clients. If accepted, an
owner of the company will manage your project from design through completion and will remain your
primary contact.

  • Honest & Dependabe
  • Experience
  • Company Size
  • Office Management
  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Schedule
  • Design & Service
Popular Questions
What types of projects do you design?
We’ve built an unparalleled reputation in the landscaping industry. We also specialize in Custom Homes, Restaurants, Hospitality,civil works ,real Estate and interior Design. We are always interested in the creative and unique. Contact Us today to discuss your commercial and/or residential project.
Should I choose my builder or my designer first?
Your relationship with your builder will last for years. Your relationship with your designer/architect should only have to last a few months if chosen and handled properly. Your builder is ultimately responsible to make sure your project remains within your budget. It is in your builder’s best interest to keep the design process moving along swiftly so that we can begin construction on your home. We will work closely with your designer to help keep everything on track. Burusu Construction has worked with many designers over the years and can help in choosing the correct designer that suits the client, budget and location. Burusu Construction will inform you and your designer of the multiple unique building practices that set our standards apart and make our projects so unique.
What are your fees?
Every project is unique. Our competitive design fee will account for the detailed scope of work involved. Contact Us today for a free consultation.
How do I avoid being overwhelmed by the details?
Taking on a custom home project can be a daunting task, and the best way to avoid being overwhelmed is to ask for help in areas that you do not feel comfortable. Burusu Construction will handle all of the construction details, coordination, budgeting, scheduling, etc. However, there still is the need for finalizing all of the finish details (cabinets, flooring, paint choices, door styles, counter tops, appliances, etc). We recommend that unless you have a lot of free time and are very comfortable with these tasks that you hire a professional interior designer to help. With so many choices available, a professional interior designer will make for an extremely enjoyable experience and will bring to light any great ideas and products you might have been unaware of. We can recommend a number of very good interior designers that we have worked with in the past.
Who will I be dealing with during construction?
You will be assigned a Project Manager who will handle most of the communication and project coordination. He will keep you updated with respect to scheduling, budgeting, and confirming selections, as well as help keep you informed of any changes or upcoming issues. Even though you will work with your Field Superintendent and your Project Manager on a daily basis, Burusu will still be your main point of contact, and will oversee your entire project.
Do you have experience with commercial work?
We have experience designing and building many types of commercial projects including , semi- commercial swimming pools, resort and community cores, among others. Contact us today to discuss your commercial project.
Service Brochure

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